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I have an honest, straightforward and creative approach to psychotherapy. Clients come from a broad range of backgrounds with a wide range of presenting issues.

At some level my clients know what they need to do to heal. To help them do this they need a safe space and a skilled person they can trust to support them. This is what I provide. I use a mixture of mindfulness, somatic, attachment and psychodynamic approaches held in a psychospiritual context.

About me

I spent the 90’s focusing on solutions to global warming and renewable energy technologies. I worked on creative projects using art and film as a way to explore sustainable visions for the future.

I became increasingly aware of the gap between our higher aspirations, who we want to be and our survival patterns, how we believe we have to be/ how we end up living. This led me to a deep exploration of psychology, spirituality and the difficulties of bringing our true selves into the world.

I began training in psychosynthesis as a framework to hold my questioning and later became a psychotherapist as a way to help others get past their history and wounding in order to manifest their true potential.

I hold certificates in counselling, psychotherapeutic counselling and a master’s degree in psychosynthesis psychotherapy. In the past I have worked as an addictions counsellor and with people who have experienced childhood sexual abuse. As well as working in private practice I am a faculty member, teacher and group facilitator at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and work for a fostering agency supporting carers in their role with particularly disturbed children.

I have a private office in the heart of Cheltenham.

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