Psychosynthesis is a psychotherapeutic approach that aims to help clients find their true self: life is about more than just survival. I feel this is important, especially in present times when many of us can feel disconnected from the world around us as well as from our own sense of purpose. We all have hopes and dreams, we all deserve the opportunity to become the person we truly are. Psychosynthesis works with both the aspects of our life that we are trying to escape from as well as helping us discover the person that we are trying to become. I find some more traditional psychotherapies pathologize our struggles instead of seeing them as part of our becoming.

Psychosynthesis provides a broad enough context to hold and work with a person’s historical wounding as well as their aspirations and dreams.

Roberto Assagioli, a student of Freud’s, broke away from the more orthodox psychoanalysis of the time and developed psychosynthesis with the therapeutic aim of Self Realisation. Self Realisation is all about connecting with our authentic self and reaching our true potential. Assagioli suggests working with both our suffering and our creativity. I find this approach to psychosynthesis more uplifting than some of the traditional psychotherapeutic treatments. I believe that we are more than our suffering.

At heart, Psychosynthesis is a psychology of spirit; it gives us a container for exploring, healing and expanding upon who we are.

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